Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Small Town Life

I grew up in the country.  My father joking said that we lived in the suburbs of our town, population @ 500.   Our home sat on a high hill.  From there we could see the small town that lay below and mountains that towered above us in every direction.
There are advantages and disadvantages to every lifestyle.  Along with the fresh airs and beautiful views, we had to deal with the inconvenience of shopping for almost anything.  There was a small gas station and convenience store in town, but we had to travel several miles to shop at a modestly-sized grocery store.   Shopping for clothing meant a round-trip of at least 100 miles.

I experienced culture shock, when I moved to Atlanta.  It seemed that everything one might want to purchase was available within a mile radius of our homes.  And often there were multiple stores to chose from.  Of course, one had to endure that infamous Atlanta traffic to get there!  

Nothing is perfect, but I frequently think that our current small town life comes close.  It's not as quiet as the country, but it is relatively peaceful.  No worry about large city traffic or crime rates.  Shopping is fairly easy.  All the daily essentials are available at stores close by.  Unlike Atlanta, I don't have multiple music centers near me, but the one we do have is quite satisfactory and the customer service is great.    Anything I can't find there can be purchased online.  I have no plans to leave this small town life, but who knows what the future may hold.

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