Saturday, May 6, 2017

Artistic Pursuit

It's amazing how early in life that one can glimpse a child's personality.

The first evidence of my granddaughter's artistic leanings came when, at the age of two years, she could identify colors like burgundy and chartreuse.  For months she had been obsessed with drawing.  She demanded that we draw pictures for her and worked on pictures of her own.  By the age of three, her stick figures looked far better than mine!

It wasn't long before she was taking dance lessons and a few years later, she wanted to learn to play the guitar.
 She's almost fifteen now and hasn't made a career decision yet, but I'd be quite surprised if it wasn't something involving the arts.

 For the first two weeks of May, dance wins out over other artistic pursuits.  Two weeks of rehersals and photos culminate with her spring recital. She'll be n stage performing  ballet, modern dance and jazz routines on Friday and Saturday.  Grandma will be there, of course, to cheer her on.

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