Saturday, December 17, 2016

Almost Christmas Day

Some years, I am still buying gifts on Christmas Eve.  Thankfully, I am more prepared this year.  The tree and decorations are up and presents are purchased and wrapped.  I braved the holiday crowds on Friday to purchase all the ingredients for Christmas cookies. So the next few days will be filled with the wonderful smell of baked cookies.  
A friend of mine has stopped buying gifts and just gives gift certificates to family members.  I like to purchase at least a couple of gifts for each family member, but frequently include a gift certificate along with those presents.  So they have gifts on Christmas Day and a gift of their choosing to look forward to.  I had meant to get a music-related gift certificate for my granddaughter.  This is an area where it's much better to let her choose what she wants.  Then I realized last night that I had forgotten to do that.  Thankfully, Musiciams Friend has gift certificates that are available by email.  No worrying if they will arrive on time.   Glad to have avoided that crisis.

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