Sunday, September 25, 2016


I'm the one, who usually drives my granddaughter to her after school activities, including dance and guitar.  The dance studio is quite predictable.  Tons of girls from preschool through high school attired in leotards and tutus rush into classrooms, while the parents sit on the sofas in the waiting room chatting until the lesson is over.

Guitar is far less predictable.  Some days, musicians will wander into the store and I'll be treated to an awesome free concert. The next may bring a less talented musician and I'll find myself wishing that I had brought ear plugs.  Sometimes there will be a debate over equipment.  Does Seymour Duncan have the best guitar pedals?  Then there are a few days, where the store is quiet.  On those days, I can actually hear my granddaughter playing in the next room.  Those days are my favorites.

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