Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Feast

A few friends and something good to eat.  Sounds like a party. 

As a young adult, most of my parties followed that format, except we substituted pizza for the greens!  When I got my own apartment, however, I decided I wanted to host a holiday gathering that was a bit more elaborate.  There was just one problem; my dining table was an old card table that couldn't possibly hold food for twenty people and certainly couldn't seat them.    My older brother, who managed a food service came to the rescue.  He advised having a buffet and even loaned me a long table.   When I first saw it, I was a bit disappointed, because it wasn't that pretty.  Then he rolled out a cart of hanging table skirts.  That made all the difference.  Set up against one wall of my living room and decorated with a holiday centerpiece and candles, that skirted table gave a look of elegance to my first grown-up party.

I remembered that party, year later, when I started working for a linen service.  In addition to linens and towels, they also handled a large quantity of table skirts.  They were used in restaurants, of course, but also by businesses that hosted  conferences and  other events that used display tables.   The linen service had dozens of carts designed particularly for holding table skirts.  There were even special skirt hangers that held the skirts securely and prevented wrinkles.  Just one of those little details that makes all the difference.  If you'd like to see what I'm talking about,  check out the table skirt hangers and carts at Premier Table Linens.com.

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