Saturday, September 19, 2015


Elephants never forget?  I can almost here this pair's conversation.   "It's this way."  "No, I'm sure we have to go this way."

I guess that even animals have their senior moments.  For humans that is compounded by our ever changing environments.  Last week, I sat listening to my granddaughter and her guitar instructor debate the merits of various electric guitars and drums.  Even music has been altered by technology which has taken us from acoustic instruments to  electronic and now to virtual instruments that can be easily transported anywhere with a muse receptor.  Technology has touched almost every aspect of our lives and with each change there is something new to learn.  It's not enough to never forget.  Humans must also keep pace with rapid change.


  1. My children still laugh when I tell them that all of this technology was the stuff of science fiction stories when I was younger. It certainly is a changing world.

    1. One of my favorite stories was a "science fiction" book about flying to the moon. Just a few weeks before my daughter was born, I watched science fiction become reality.