Monday, August 10, 2015

Taking a Break

When children are getting restless and trying your patience, take them for a nature walk.  There is always something new and you'll feel better after taking a nature break.

I first gave this advice many years ago, when a good friend wished that there was something  beyond just house cleaning and child care.  With four preschool children, there was no denying that her days were full.    She was skeptical, but was desperate enough to give it a try.  She visited a local park with trails that would accommodate a stroller for the two youngest and let the three and four year old lead the way.  Away from the demand of home, she was able to relax and enjoy her children's discoveries.  She returned home feeling less tired.  As a bonus, the activity left the children ready for a nap!

1 comment :

  1. It is important to point out some of the things they see. That is how they learn to look for the things we find exciting. Those are also things that can be watched for the changes that nature likes to provide.