Tuesday, August 11, 2015


There's nothing like "sitting on top of the world" and anticipating the scary, but oh-so-fun ride down.
I think the only thing that topped climbing to the top of the ladder was learning to climb up the slide itself and feeling a bit superior to the "little kids" who hadn't mastered that art.  I had to get all my practice at the school playground, since we didn't have one in our backyard.  Actually, I don't remember seeing them in anyone's backyard.  Backyard playsets became more popular when my daughter was growing up and almost a staple by the time my granddaughter came along.   She had a simple swing and slide set that got a lot of use.   She was a bit envious, when the girls across the street got an expensive wooden play structure that filled their whole backyard.   Their father and grandfather spent every weekend for a couple of months putting it together.   I felt a bit sorry for them, because the girls only played on it two or three times.  When they decided to sell their house, the real estate agent advised them to take it down.  Simpler was definitely better!

Speaking of slides,  few things are more annoying than a drawer that sticks or falls out if pulled out too far.    If you've got drawers like that, you might want to check out full extension drawer slides at ovis.  Now that's a worthwhile investment.

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  1. I liked the slides that had the humps in them that gave a little more than the simple down slide.