Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tiger Lily

Wish my own tiger lilies were looking this good.  Sadly, the heat has stymied their growth.  Plenty of green stems, but not a single orange blossom in sight.  Just a couple of weeks ago, they were in full bloom and intermingled with the yellow Canna lilies, they made a gorgeous display.  Cooler weather and some gentle rain would be music to my ears right now.

Speaking of music,  I've been working on curriculum for the next school year.  Summer break may be an accurate term for my granddaughter's summer, but I just start planning again!  She will be continuing her guitar lessons, but  she wants to go electric and I've been checking things out at  She is a leftie and local stores have a limited selection, if any.  Thankfully, there's a good selection on line.  She also wants to start dance classes, so that's next on the agenda.  Thankfully, we will continue using the same Social Studies and Science texts and I found an online Algebra course that works for both of us  Language Arts needs more planning, but hopefully I'll be ready when the homeschool bell rings in August.

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  1. Being a leftie myself I know how difficult it can be to find items to use left-handed. When I was a child even a baseball glove for a leftie was hard to find. My uncle and I had to special order.