Thursday, November 20, 2014

Down On The Farm

Wonder when this little cutie will be recruited.

Speaking of little recruits, I read in the news that former NFL star, Jason Brown, delivered his own child on Tuesday.  This is the fourth child for Jason and wife, Tay.  The Brown’s had planned on a home birth, but not on a delivery by the baby’s father, who filled in, when labor progressed too quickly for the midwife to arrive in time.   Brown said that it was an incredible experience.  The baby, Lunsford Bernard Brown III, is doing well and so is his mother.

Jason is a remarkable man, who left the NFL to pursue a farming life in his native North Carolina.  Brown had never farmed, but was motivated by a desire to feed the hungry. 

Garnering advice from neighboring farmers and YouTube videos, he has successfully grown over fifty-thousand pounds of sweet potatoes and cucumbers, which he has donated to food pantries.  Brown says this is not a onetime thing and plans to continue raising crops and donating the first crop yield to feed the hungry.

So will Jason’s new boy become a farmer or will we be buying NFL tickets to watch him play?  Only time will tell.  While you’re waiting, why not catch a game?    No need to wait for the weekend.  The Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the Oakland Raiders this evening at 8:30 P.M. ET.  

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  1. This was an inspiring story. It is always a good thing to hear about someone making an effort to help others.