Friday, September 5, 2014

In The Swing Of Things

When we purchased our first home in the seventies, my father hung a tire swing from a tree for my daughter.   The last time I drove by our former home,  it was still there.  I have to wonder how many children have enjoyed it.

Nowadays, playsets have become far more sophisticated.  I watched with interest as a neighbor spent three months turning his backyard into a wonderland of swings, slides and tiny houses.   I thought it looked like great fun, but had to wonder if his children spent as many hours playing on it as he had spent building it.

I guess he could have had someone do that for him.  I recently saw an ad for playground equipment in Richmond VA and the company included professional installation in the purchase price.  Nice, if you can afford it.   I was so lucky to have a father, who was handy and knew what kids loved.

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