Thursday, August 7, 2014

You’ve Got Mail

Carrier pigeons have been around for centuries carrying everything from stock information to the results of early Olympic games.  At least one crafty pharmacist used pigeons to deliver medication to patients. The most hazardous duty was transporting military communications and many pigeons were shot down by enemies, who were anxious to retrieve the information they conveyed.

Today’s technology allows us to deliver our messages almost instantaneously, but delivering it securely is not as simple.   Worse yet, it’s hard to know if security has been breached.   Unlike the unfortunate pigeons that never arrived with their message, your mail may have compromised before it arrives in your inbox.   Hackers can use viruses to control SMTP servers or may even insert their own SMTP server into your email’s delivery path.  You’ll receive your mail and never realize that an irretrievable copy has been made.

There is some good news.   Madison Connections’ Private Email Services Group has developed, a secured electronic message board that insures the safe, un-intercepted delivery of your email and permanent erasure of delivered emails.  Currently, the service is only available between subscribers, but extensive product testing is underway and the service is scheduled to be made available for all email in 2015.    You can learn more about this innovative service by visiting   This is an amazing product and it's only getting better.  Imagine auto destructing electronic messages.  This is the future of secure messaging.

Take a minute and think about the information that could be retrieved from your email.  Then sign-up for a secure account.  What do you have to lose?

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