Saturday, August 16, 2014

All About That Bass

Couldn't resist a little graphic joke!

Now Meghan Trainor's song has gone viral and added a different layer of meaning to "bass".  Having fought the Battle of the Budge since early childhood,  I can certainly appreciate the lyrics.  Nevertheless, as a lifelong lover of rhythm and deeper tones, I relate most strongly to the music itself.

My granddaughter has six months of guitar lessons under her belt now.   I might be a bit biased, but her fingers coax some really sweet sounds from  her instrument.  I'd love to see her add a bass or drums to her repertoire.   She cruises our local music stores and Guitar Centre online, so I'm hoping something she sees there might spark an interest.  I'm trying to keep it subtle, however.  Nothing backfires like trying to push a teenager. lol

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