Wednesday, July 2, 2014


In my youth, I had fantasies about being a race car driver.  I probably wouldn't have been a good one, as I'd be more interested in the scenery than the track!

A former neighbor actually did race for many years and although it never became a full time job, he did build a nice little nest egg with his winnings.   He used to spend hours working on his vehicle, tweaking the engine and adding special parts and accessories.  When he told me that I should customize my car, I joked that I had already done that.  I had picked up a second hand sedan at a great price, because the driver's door had been mangled in an accident.  It was a common model, so it was cheap and easy to salvage another one from a junkyard.  My car was red.  The salvaged door was gold!

Although I never did much with my own vehicles, I do understand the lure of customization. whether it is an engraved nameplate for the dash or one of those mufflers that really doesn't muffle anything.  Who doesn't like to have something that it is uniquely theirs?

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