Saturday, July 26, 2014


During my college years, I enjoyed a summer on the water that included a trip up the St. Lawrence River to the beautiful city of Montreal.

During the days, I enjoyed the sun, wind and water, while evenings were spent enjoying the city's night life.  It has remained in my memory as the perfect mix of city life and natural beauty.

The perfect mix can be hard to find.  Ask photographers, who seek the perfect composition, hostesses who ponder the perfect mix of guests or musicians who strive to achieve the perfect mix of instruments, vocals and effects.

I can't offer any advice for the hostess or photographer, but serious musicians should check out the Presonus 16.4 .2.  Controllable from PC, Mac or iPad, it offers Active Integration technology, sophisticated sound optimization and a wide range of effects.  It offers a professional mix that compares favorably to pricier models.  Well worth a look ... and listen!

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