Sunday, May 11, 2014


One has to wonder if its builders ever envisioned the mystery they were leaving for future generations.

Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery.  Who built it?  What was its purpose?  There is no shortage of theories.  I read that a recent archeological dig has given birth to new theories.  Apparently it had a predecessor; a wooden model was constructed about a mile from the area where Stonehenge now stands.  That's interesting, although it raises other questions.  Was the wooden version some type of prototype or did its builders lack the skills for a stone version?  Whatever the answers may be, there is no question that ancient humans left a mark that enthralls us thousands of years later.

Human affection for distinction is evident in everything from clothes to architecture.  It is the fuel for creative drive and it sifts down to the smallest details of our lives.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons that this website with monogrammed cell phone cases is so popular.  Add your monogram to one of Simply Monogram’s amazing collection of stylish cell phone cases for iPhone and Samsung to create your own distinctive look.  Will it last as long as Stonehenge?  Future generations will have to answer that question, but you will have some solid protection for your phone and your own distinctive mark.

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