Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Money may not grow on trees, but these blossoms seem like riches after the cold winter.

Not that I’m putting money down.  Who couldn’t use some extra cash?  If you have an old smart phone lying around the house, you could be sitting on a stack of currency.  Smartphone-buyer.com would like to buy back your Apple or Android phone and now they’ve upped the ante with the chance to win a bonus up to $500.

Start by visiting smartphone-buyer.com.   Find your phone and get an instant estimate of its buyback value.  Don’t worry if your phone is non-working or broken, because they’ll buy those too.   Shipping is easy.  Smartphone-buyer.com provides your shipping box and label.  Just bag your phone, seal and put it in the mail.  They pay the cost of shipping, so it costs you nothing.

Once they receive your phone, Smartphone-buyer.com will keep you informed as your phone goes through the inspection and payment process.  It doesn’t take long; payment is usually made within 24 hours of receipt.  Choose the PayPal option of payment and you’ll have cash before you know it.

Smartphone-buyer.com is not some new fad.  They’ve been buying back electronics since 2001.  That’s the kind of history you can trust.

 About that extra cash?  Smartphone-buyer.com pays a $100 daily and $500 weekly bonus.  Once you’ve completed the payment process, you are eligible for a chance to win these bonuses.

Don’t wait.  Money may not grow on trees, but Smartphone-buyer.com makes it easy to get some extra cash.

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