Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bird Hotel

City birds have faster and higher pitched songs than their country cousins.  These adaptations help them to be heard above city noise and the lower frequency sounds of the city traffic.

Like birds, businesses also need to adapt.  Restaurants and hotels, for example, have different payment authorization requirements than many other businesses.  Diners frequently have a drink or hors d'oeuvres at the bar, while they wait for their table.    The restaurants authorization system should be able to add the amount spent to their meal charges.   Most restaurants want the ability to track their transactions by server or reports based on different criteria.    No hotel guest wants to stand in line waiting to check in or out.  A good payment authorization system is essential in speeding these processes.  It must be able to check out using the card presented at check in or handle an alternative payment method.  Some motels and hotels also require check authorization services. Just like the birds, businesses need to adapt to their services special requirements in order to survive.

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