Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yesterday, the sun shone brightly and temperatures were just shy of eighty degrees.  Today was rainy, temperatures have plummeted and snow is predicted for tonight.  Ah, fickle spring!

I try to roll with the punches.  Yesterday, I did a bit of lawn care.  Today I tackled a couple of indoor tasks that I've been neglecting.  There's never any shortage of things to do and the list seems to keep growing.    I never hired someone to clean house, although a friend had someone come in every week.    She did confess that it didn't help quite as much as she anticipated.   The maid cleaned, but she didn't pickup.  If my friend's son left his toys on the coffee table, the table would be dusted, but the toys would still be there.   Their family had to start having pickup sessions each week to remove clutter before the maid arrived.

I never minded a bit of mopping and dusting, though I often wished for someone who would run errands, organize closets and clean out the refrigerator.  Nowadays, you can find cleaning companies  that will do this. These housecleaning services will do almost anything for a price.  "I don't do windows" isn't in their vocabulary.    The idea seems tempting, but then what would I do on rainy days?

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