Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have a fondness for restoration, whether it is a car, a building of even a train track. While the work may take a great deal of time and patience, the results can be gorgeous.

What a lovely combination of weathered wood and shiny new rails. In some ways, credit restoration is a lot like other types of restoration. Certainly, both time and patience are required, regardless of whether negative credit information is correct or incorrect. Gathering substantiating documentation to dispute negative records can be time intensive and is followed by a wait for a decision and another for the negative information to be removed. If the negative information is correct, it will generally take seven years before the information is no longer reported by credit bureaus. A reputable credit repair service may assist in the process, but there are also many scams. The FTC offers tips on credit repair and identifying valid credit restoration services. While it takes time to have negative information removed, credit scores can improve far more quickly, once an individual demonstrates that they are now able to meet their credit obligations in a timely manner. Ironically, agencies that specialize in restoration of credit are considered high risk and frequently charged much high rates for merchant card services and may need to search online to find better terms.

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