Friday, January 24, 2014

Canadian Geese

I'm getting tired of cold weather, but there seems to be no end in sight as temperatures are predicted to sink to a chilly 2 degrees before morning. Perhaps I should take a clue from these Canadian geese and take a winter vacation in beautiful San Mateo.

I chuckled, when California friends filled Facebook with chat about finding a brand new fireplace design San Mateo looks like a tropical paradise to me!  It got me thinking, however.  As Tennessee residents, we rarely receive cold weather sympathy from our friends in the northern states. It's unusual to have colder weather than they do.  If our temps are subfreezing, theirs are near zero.  When ours reached zero this year, theirs had plummeted well below that marker.  It's like a contest that we'll never win.  Not that I really want to.

Perhaps I am doing the same thing with my west coast friends.  I recalled a visit to my cousin in San Francisco a few years back.  Evenings were chilly and most nights found us sitting by his gas fireplace San Francisco is just a stone's throw away from San Mateo, so it's logical that they'd need a dependable heat source too. I did a bit of searching and learned that their record low is just 16 frigid degrees and the average low is in the 40's for many of the winter months. Right about now, that seems warm to me, but not as an inside temperature!

So carry on, my friends.  Find a design you love.  Debate the merits of electric and gas. I'll refrain from giving you the condescending looks and quips that we Southerns get from Northern friends.  Fireplaces San Mateo style sounds cozy to me.

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