Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Disappearing Act

Many species groom themselves, but none are more particular about appearance and scents than humans. American women alone, spend over ten million dollars annually on beauty products. I’m not against caring for yourself, but I find that figure staggering and it doesn’t include purchases designed to remove odors from mouth, feet and all the areas in between. is a site that offers sane advice on removing everything from freckles to the scent of cooked fish. Solutions frequently include items that you may already have on hand, but problems are comprehensively covered and include information on causes as well as treatments. For example, treatments for unwanted facial hair include several homemade remedies, inexpensive hair removal products and pricier options like electrolysis and laser therapy.

Got freckles? Excessive facial sweating? Premature grey hair? This site can tell you how to get rid of them. It can also help you with other odors. You might like your new car smell, but did you know it can be bad for you? Visit the site to learn why and how to remove it. Learn the secrets to removing pet odor from rugs and bad smells from the refrigerator too. You’ll have to check out the site to see everything.

What would you like to make disappear?

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