Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Happy New Year

 No matter where or when you celebrate the New Year, it seems to be a time of hope for the future. 

The future can look dim, however, for those suffering high levels of physical pain.  In my youth, pain was a fleeting thing.  I had the usual childhood scrapes and bruises, but nothing that caused much more than momentary discomfort.  Tonsils were perhaps the my most painful childhood experience, but that pain was mitigated by lots of ice cream and almost forgotten, when relatives started arriving with get-well presents.  Later, I would experience a cracked collarbone, which created a few hurtful days and a couple more weeks of discomfort.  Pain was a temporary thing that was cured with a bit of time, a couple of aspirin or a soothing salve.

In my twenties, I had a co-worker who suffered from chronic back pain following injuries in a car accident.  I had a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of constant pain.  Surely, he couldn’t be in pain all the time.  My insight improved after surgical complications and neuropathy left me hurting so badly that I couldn’t even get one hour of uninterrupted sleep.  My life became very limited and I was unable to enjoy even simple pleasures, like spending time with my family.  While my doctor finally found a pain medication that provided some relief, it had its own side effects including vision deterioration.  Thankfully, the meds helped during the worst months and I have seen slow, but continual improvement over the subsequent years.

I’m not sure what it might have done for me, but I’ve recently read about TENS units being used for those suffering from neuropathies.  I had been familiar with these units which use mild electrical impulses to provide pain relief, but I hadn’t realized that they had been used with neuropathy. It turns out that they have a number of uses including sports medicine and veterinary medicine.

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