Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Simple Life

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This makes me nostalgic for a simpler life, although perhaps not quite this simple.  I still want plumbing, electricity and windows, not to mention my internet connection!  Nonetheless, I like the idea of a smaller home and fewer possessions.

Each generation seems to acquire more.  My daughter had far more toys and clothes than I ever dreamed of and my granddaughter used to have a huge playroom filled with toys and games.  Many of those things were rarely played with; there was just too much for her to keep track of.    My parents, raised during the Great Depression had far less, yet had wonderful memories of their childhood.    As a child, I loved to visit my grandparent's home, where a couple of board games, a deck of cards and a few jigsaw puzzles were the only form of entertainment..   These pastimes had been acquired decades before, but still kept us happy for hours.

My favorite board game was Scrabble and I spent many a Sunday afternoon playing with my grandmother and cousins.   The competition to win kept us learning new words.  Years later, I would come to appreciate the educational value, but at the time, we were just having fun.  Since no game was ever the same, we didn't get bored.  That's more than one can say for many of today's pricey games!  My love of Scrabble has lasted through the years and is now shared by my daughter and granddaughter.

If you enjoy Scrabble or other word games, you'll want to check out the great (and free) word tools offered by BoLS Board Games.  Their Scrabble Word Finder  gives you word suggestions and point value for your letter selection.  You can quickly and easily check out words' validity with their Scrabble Dictionary tool.  This is ever so much faster than a printed dictionary and so easy that even the youngest players can use it with its simple color code to indicate valid or invalid words.  If you haven't engaged your young relatives or acquaintances in a game of Scrabble, this would be a great way to start.  You'll be in good company.  See who plays Scrabble below.  Then start your own game and try out these handy tools.

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