Friday, September 20, 2013


This frog is quite cute, but I don’t think he should plan on a career as a chameleon!

My grandfather never trusted banks and stuffed his savings into a hole in his mattress.  Unfortunately, many affected by the Great Depression had the same mistrust of banks and mattresses were a common storage spot.   The family left their home to visit relatives for a few days and when they returned, the cash had been removed from the mattress.  He’d thought that it was hidden, but to a thief, it was so obvious that he might as well have left a sign pointing to it.  He was self-employed and the mattress had contained the only cash he had to pay for business expenses.

People today are more likely to use a bank for their checking and savings needs, but many are reluctant to invest their cash to grow their income.  This is a poor strategy on a personal level and even more on so on a business level.  I think fear of losing money is a motivating factor, just as it was for my mattress-stuffing grandfather. 

Scott Gelbard, an investment and management consultant, works with clients in the U.S. and around the globe to help them reach their full business and money management potential.    Mr. Gelbard has a history of advising businesses in the early stages of development.  Firms as diverse as fitness products and high tech communication systems have benefited from Mr. Gelbard’s business expertise.  Start-up businesses would do well to skip the mattress approach to financial management and consult with Scott Gelbard.

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