Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Business Sense

Even pets love a security blanket.

Adults need security too and it was the bottom line to a question I was frequently asked.
Why don’t you go into business for yourself?  

As an IT professional, I was frequently asked this question by people who were impressed by my troubleshooting skills or system development capabilities.  The remarks were intended as a compliment and I certainly appreciated them, but I never seriously gave consideration to working for myself.

Running my own IT business would require far more than my computer expertise.  I loved my work, but had no interest in searching for clients, managing staff, handling accounts or finding business investors.  Working for someone else allowed me to focus on what I was good at and, of course, it provided the security of a regular paycheck.

I was barely aware of business consulting services back then or the extent of their services.  The consultants I’d known were very short term.  They came to a business, made an assessment, provided recommendations and left.   Today, management and investment consulting services are far more extensive.  Consultants not only provide advice to businesses, but can also be closely involved in business implementations.

One such consultant is Scott Gelbard, who has worked with domestic and international firms to achieve their business goals.  Mr. Gelbard’s has used his experience as a manager of a full-service financial firm to position both private and public companies for future success by providing insights into their respective markets and becoming involved with their daily operations.  Mr. Gelbard has even donated his services to help University of Colorado Hospital Foundation raise over a million dollars for Men for the Cure.  Perhaps if I had known a business consultant like Scott Gelbard, I might have felt securer about starting my own business.

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