Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Picture Perfect

I love eating al fresco, although I tend to reserve that for restaurants.  At home, I rarely do more than carry my coffee mug to a deck chair.  Guess I should take a tip from this picture perfect setting.

I just love collecting dishes, whether they are new or just pretty thrift store finds.  My daughter teases me about my dish addiction and, truthfully, I have had to do periodic weeding to be sure that there is sufficient room to store them all.  I shy away from using breakable dishes on a terrace or by the pool, however, and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t done much outside dining at home. 

PeachSuite Hotel Supply offers glassware designed for the outside and it isn’t just available to Atlanta hotel supply purchasing agents.  You can use their site to buy hotel supply online, including unbreakable glasses and dishes that would look pretty on your deck or patio.  They have a fine selection of hotel bar supplies and disposable glasses too.

While you’re visiting their site, be sure to check out the kitchen appliances.  Commercial quality appliances are very reliable.  Many years ago, my brother purchased a commercial microwave for my parents.  They never needed to purchase another one.  That’s far better than one of ours that didn’t last a year.  Prices seem quite reasonable, so it’s worth a look.  

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  1. love collecting dishes, too. BTW, these glasses are beautiful