Monday, July 22, 2013


This guy almost makes me long for the days of feather pens.

 I guess I’d have to catch him first.  Still, compared to the hassle of finding an ink cartridge for my printer, it might be the simpler route.  I hate going to office supply stores to purchase them.   There are hundreds of cartridges housed behind locked glass doors.  That means I’ll need to find an employee to assist me.  When I’m just browsing, I’m accosted by employees wanting to assist me.  When I actually need some help, they have all magically vanished.  After a couple of trips to the service desk, an apathetic staff member finally arrives to assist me.  He looks at the glass doors and announces “They’re locked.”     This is not a good omen.  He wanders off to find keys and I wait some more.  Finally he returns, unlocks the cabinet and begins a lengthy search.  It concludes, when he tells me that the cartridge I need is out of stock.   Occasionally, the associate will offer a generic brand that will work with my printer.  I purchase it and return home to find that it doesn’t work.   Back to the store, where another helpful employee tells me “You purchased the wrong cartridge model.”  His accusing glare implies that this is my fault.  When I ask for a refund, I’m sent to wait at the customer service desk.  By this time, I could have snatched a feather and written my document by hand.

It’s another example of why I prefer to shop online.  It only takes a couple minutes of time to order my HP ink cartridges online.  Coupled with great prices and speedy delivery, it beats buying them at the not-so-helpful local store.  

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