Thursday, July 18, 2013

Japanese Garden

I love Japanese style gardens.  Their beauty stems from the marriage of simplicity and organization. 

A happy balance is important in any garden.  Too many decorations can be as overwhelming as a room with hundreds of knickknacks.  One or two well-placed decorations can create focal points and transform a nice garden into an extraordinary one.

If you’re looking for garden ornaments, check out Mailbox and Beyond.  While they do have a variety of lovely mailboxes, like their name says, they go far beyond that.  In addition to address plaques and address house signs, they offer other garden features that are both functional and decorative.  They have a wide assortment of birdbaths and bird feeders to please all your feathered friends.  I love their ornamental garden hose holders, which turn a garden necessity into a thing of beauty, as do the nature themed ornamental faucets featuring a variety of birds, butterflies and even a turtle.  If you can’t resist the lure of a summer evening, you’ll love their tea and twilight lanterns in a variety of styles to complement any garden.

There’s plenty of summer left, so be sure to check out all their offerings.  Your garden will thank you! 

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