Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday Drives

Do you remember Sunday afternoon drives?  Before the world got hectic and gas prices soared, it was a staple of life for many families.

Life had more of a rhythm back then and Sundays were as predictable as the sunrise.  Breakfast was a leisurely affair with lots of family chatter as my mother deep-fried doughnuts that were served with warm maple syrup that had been harvested from my grandfather’s maple trees.  The doughnuts were accompanied by thick slices of bacon and eggs fried in hand-churned butter.  I can see today’s cardiologists shaking their heads in horror, but back then, cholesterol was not part of the average household vocabulary. 

Breakfast was followed by church services.  After we returned home, my parents gave us an hour or so to burn off all of our pent up energy.  Then we piled into the car for an afternoon drive.  In the fall, we always traveled through the mountains to view the foliage.  At other times, we would enjoy a varied vista of fields, lakes and forests.   My father’s keen eye would spot deer and other wildlife that cleverly blended into their natural setting.  My mother would tell stories about the places and people we saw.   Wherever our drive took us, it always ended at my grandparents’ home for a mouth-watering roast chicken dinner.

I learned a lot of things on those Sunday afternoons and I think they fostered my love of driving.   Cars have improved a lot over the years.  I think it’s great that you can buy or sell your car online.  I love power seats and cruise control.   I certainly don’t miss that bump in the center of the car!  Nevertheless, there are days, when I long to go back to that slower paced world and take a Sunday drive.

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