Monday, June 17, 2013


Unlike humans, birds instinctually know how to build their nests.   No contractors, no building codes and no mortgage payments! 

When it comes to homes, we could learn a lot from our feathered friends.  No one is trying to keep up with the neighbors.  There are no McMansions to furnish and clean.  Even minimalist décor looks complex, when compared to avian dwellings.  While I’m not ready to build my home with twigs or mud, I think there’s a lot we can learn from the birds.  They are great recyclers.  You won’t catch them chopping down trees for home construction.  Many nests are constructed with twigs or bits of previously used materials.   Their homes offer shelter and protection, but take advantage of  the light, air and beauty that nature has to offer.  Relatives, who retired to Florida, say that their lanai is the most used part of their home.  In this open, airy space, they’ve found the perfect place to eat, chat, read and even sleep.    They’ve spent more time furnishing this spot, than any other room in their home, searching through South Florida furniture stores for comfortable pieces that don’t intrude on its natural feel.  My brother laughingly commented that they could have saved a lot of money by eliminating the other rooms from their building plans.  I know he was joking, but is that really such a bad idea?  I think the birds would approve.

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