Friday, June 28, 2013

The Perfect Setting

A gorgeous sunset and the perfect setting for romance.

Sure, romance can bloom anywhere, but don’t underestimate the power of the perfect setting.   Even realtors know this.  That’s why staging has become so popular.  The right setting helps prospective buyers fall in love with a home.  Consider my friend, who went on a dinner date with a businessman she was attracted to.    Turns out that this was a promotional dinner hosted by his company.  Although the food was delicious, it was hardly a quiet or intimate setting.  It was preceded by a tour of the company’s business – a waste treatment facility!  My friend said the tour was educational and that she wasn’t put off by the setting for this strange first date.  Maybe not, but I noticed that she never went out with him again.

Even long-term relationships can benefit from the perfect setting.  Every relation needs the quiet, time and privacy to keep the embers burning.  The perfect fantasy setting will differ with the couple and may range from a mountain cabin retreat to one of the suites offered by  Young lovers make time for each other.  The rest of us would do well to learn from that.

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