Sunday, June 23, 2013


A picture paints a thousand words, but even the most talented artist can't compete with Mother Nature.
I'm not putting down artists, however, since I've long wished for a bit of their talent.   I've made a lot of attempts, but can't even produce a good paint-by-number!   Both my daughter and granddaughter display more talent.

My daughter was creating some awesome designs on graph paper, when she was still quite young, spending hours on increasingly complex designs.  Over the years, she has dabbled with drawing, painting, and different forms of weaving, all with far more beautiful results than I could ever hope to achieve.  As an adult, she has created awesome web designs and is now pursuing an IT degree that incorporates web design as one of her majors.

I think my granddaughter will have an artistic career as well.  When most children are learning their primary colors, she was differentiating between shades of pink and identifying colors like turquoise and chartreuse.    I'm not sure whether that predicts a future as a painter or a fashion designer, but everything about her screams artistic talent.

Over the years, I have dabbled in everything from Chinese brush painting to digital art.   In the end, however, my best role is that of an admirer.  I've learned to appreciate everything from Canvas Printing to metal fabrication. Many skills can be taught.  The skills needed to install Home Insulation, for example, can be taught.  To design an innovative home, however, requires a creative leap beyond teachable skills.  When it comes to art, I'm still trying to master the basic skills.

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