Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tropical Garden

Nothing beats a tropic garden for relaxation, even if it’s a man-made version!  This is the stuff that fantasies are made of. 

My fantasies have gotten a lot quieter over the years.  In my younger days, I loved to watch Fantasy Island and enjoyed the adventures of each week’s guests, whose arrival was announced by Tattoo running to ring the tower bell and enthusiastically calling “The plane. The plane.”  I’d imagine myself as one of the characters or plot my own special fantasies.   While they may have incorporated a natural  setting, they always included plenty of activity and ranged from deep sea dives to volcanic exploration.  It was fine if my dive line got severed or the long-dormant volcano threatened to erupt.  A bit of danger only heightened the fantasy.   Quiet contemplation of the ocean or wildlife?  Not likely!

Nowadays, I’d opt for an unannounced arrival and Mr. Roarke wouldn’t need to personally welcome me to his island-style executive fantasy motel.  For that matter, let’s skip all the adventures and head to that private beach, where a comfy lounge chair awaits.    Balmy breezes, waves touching the sand and colorful tropical birds providing music are the extent of today’s fantasies.   Something more exciting?   I wouldn’t object to an unobtrusive waiter bringing a cool drink with a pink umbrella!  Ah, fantasy!

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