Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Death Valley

When I was young, I envisioned Death Valley as a barren landscape dotted with bones.  Later I thought of it as a rugged and treacherous landscape.  While it does contain plenty of that, it also contains an incredible variety of life, including over one thousand plant and four-hundred animal species. 

I recently watched a video that used the term “valley of death” to describe the first years of a business.  That’s an apt description, since half of all businesses don’t make it past their fourth year.    One wouldn’t want to attempt walking through the extreme temperatures and terrain of Death Valley without a plan and a lot of guidance.  New businesses would do well to take the same precautions. Lack of a business plan is a leading cause of failure.  Businesses need money to survive.  Without a plan for raising funding, prospects can be bleak. 

Dynamic Bear Inc., a private investment company that has just announced a June 30th dividend payout, helps businesses acquire the investors and capital needed to promote growth and improve their odds for survival.  They accomplish this by purchasing equity in small businesses and then offering the stock to their investors as a dividend.   Other investment opportunities included aged shelf companies.  Whether a business needs more shareholders or information on corporate planning, Dynamic Bear Inc. is ready to provide guidance in crossing the rugged valley of business growth.

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