Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Bit Pensive

Sad?  Thoughtful?  Or having a bad hair day?  I’m not sure, but this little simian doesn’t look too happy.

I think her little wispy ends are part of her charm, though I don’t find frizz that charming on my own head.There is a small window of time, when hair is truly gorgeous.   By the time I reached my teens, my hair reeked with oil unless I washed it on a daily basis.  One afternoon, a classmate asked how my hair had gotten wet!  It seems logical that an abundance of oil might control frizzy hair, but I certainly disproved that theory.  It didn’t even have to rain.  Just a small amount of humidity had me looking as if I’d stuck my finger in an electrical socket.  Things were better for a short time, when I reached my mid-thirties.  It was fleeting, however, as those insidious gray strands began to make their appearance.  I colored them for a while, but finally gave up that battle. 

Since becoming reconciled to gray hair, I thought my hair struggles were over.  Yes, it’s grey, but until recently, it has also been soft and shiny.  Perhaps I'm in my second childhood, because it is getting frizzy again.    When I was younger, lots of girls ironed their hair to reduce that frizzy appearance.  I guess that’s still in style, but I've also read about using keratin products.  To be honest, I’m not anxious to add another beauty chore to an ever growing list, but I’ll probably give it a try.  Mama always told me “It takes pain to be beautiful.”  Wonder if that little monkey’s mother told her that too!

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