Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Not Switzerland.  These majestic mountains are located on New Zealand’s South Island overlooking the Tasman sea.

When I was in school, a fellow computer science student planned on relocating to Australia after completing his degree.  I didn't know much about Australia at the time and wondered what had prompted his decision.    I understood some of his motivation, when, six months prior to graduation, he announced that he had already signed a job contract after sorting through numerous offers.   

It appears that New Zealand might offer the same opportunities for today’s IT graduates.   Since my daughter is currently pursuing an IT degree, I suggested that she contact one of the recruitment agencies that are advertising positions for Java and .Net developers.  She just laughed and said that she'd need medication and a blood pressure monitor, if she was going to think about relocating that far away.  I understand, since I felt the same way, when my classmate talked about an Australian move.  Perhaps she’d consider a vacation there.  I bet a couple weeks in a vacation apartment Queenstown  has with a view of the Alps might give her a new perspective on New Zealand employment!

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