Monday, May 6, 2013


As the saying goes, there is no place like home.

So many memories are linked to our homes.  More than six decades later, I can still vividly recall details of my childhood home.  I smell the heady fragrance of the towering pines that formed an entrance way from our backyard into the wood beyond, where I spent countless hours of carefree exploration and play.  I see the faces of my relatives gathered around the table in our dining room to celebrate each birthday.    And then there was the clever system my siblings and I used to avoid eating bread crusts.  Clever, at least, until my mother discovered a pile tucked in back of the cellar stairs. The scar on my backside reminds me of the hazards of trying to wriggle under the barbed wire fence to access the pasture full of wild flowers that lay beyond and the one on my chin marks my discovery that riding a tricycle down the back steps is not a good idea.   My daughter also recalls details of her childhood home in upstate New York.    I remember that old Victorian house as well.   I spent hours restoring it and there was always something else to do.    When the time came to move on, however, it was difficult to say goodbye.

A home can warm our hearts and provide a sense of security, but it is also a huge commitment.  When we purchased our New York home, we had a twenty year loan.  Nowadays, there are thirty and even forty year loans.  What are the odds that one will ever finish repaying a loan of that length?  In that period of time, one is likely to face changes in the economy, employment and health that could threaten the ability to make mortgage payments.    Imagine losing a home after investing twenty or thirty years of time and money in it. 

Folks in New Zealand have a better option.  Viventium Home Loans ( offers prospective and established home owners the opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars on their mortgage, while reducing the length of their loan.  That’s smart and worth looking into.

Other money saving opportunities for New Zealanders include Yourselect Power Company Comparison, which lets then choose the best energy plan for their needs and Swoon Video Production in Auckland, who promise to take the hassle out of video production.  With great services like these, maybe our next home-sweet-home will be in New Zealand.

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