Thursday, May 23, 2013

Green And Gold

Need a bit of green?  Wish you had some gold?  Mother Nature has plenty.

Have you ever let monetary worries overshadow the beauty of the day?  It’s an easy thing to do, but remembering to stop and smell the roses, or, in this case, the dandelions can help us to relax and appreciate all that we do have.

I have nothing against money and, unfortunately, it doesn’t grow on trees.   What we do with our money, however, can be as important as how much we have.  Whatever the amount or source of income, it will go further, if we learn to identify what is important to us.    A friend with a very modest salary has seen much of the world.  She saves her money for travel and, when she isn’t visiting exotic destinations, she is hunting down discounted airfares and affordable lodging in preparation for her next jaunt.    For others, happiness may be the ability to spend more time with family or pursue a favorite hobby.  When we identify what makes us happy, it is easier to make monetary decision to support a lifestyle that is meaningful to us.   

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