Thursday, May 2, 2013


I’ve never heard anyone complain about a visit to the Bahamas and it is easy to see why.  If I sat down on this beach, I’d probably stay there forever.

My niece just returned from a two week vacation at a resort in Treasure Cay.  She is an avid traveler, which is a bit surprising, because the rest of her family have spent most of their lives without leaving New Hampshire.  My niece broke the mold, when she spent her junior year in college abroad, studying in London and visiting several European destinations as well.  That started a trend and in the fifteen years since then, she has travelled to destinations around the world including an extended stay in New Zealand.

Last year, she decided on a more laid back vacation and spent most of her time visiting beaches along the eastern coast of Florida.   This year, she decided to move a little further east and spent two weeks at a resort in the Bahamas.  She returned home relaxed, tan and talking about Treasure Cay real estate.    She’s more than a few years away from retirement, so I’m guessing she means a vacation home.     She has a psychiatric practice in Boston, but I’m not sure that would translate to the Bahamas.  I can’t imagine a problem that the beautiful views and warm sun of the Bahamas wouldn’t melt away.

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