Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Writer

I can really relate to this photo.  As a child, I loved to write stories and since I was country-raised with many acres of fields and woods to explore, I learned to combine my interests.  It was not unusual to find me next to a stream or tree, writing feverishly in my notepad.

Despite my early interest, I never considered writing as an occupation.   It seemed that the likelihood of earning a living that way were slim.  I heard more about mountains of rejection slips than published books.   I didn't know anyone, who wrote books, although I did have the opportunity to read a book written by the brother of an acquaintance.  Although the book was interesting, it had not earned the author much money and he still worked a nine-to-five job.  Until I retired from my IT career, the only thing I wrote was computer code!

After retirement, I renewed my interest in writing.  Nowadays, my notepad is the electronic kind and although I've written a few short stories, the most lucrative opportunities have been those related to freelance writing.  I think that many frustrated writers are unaware of how large the freelance market is.  It is possible to earn a living from home, if you know how to do it.  Money spent on learning about freelance writing opportunities and how to take advantage of them would be well spent.    Imagine working from home or anywhere else you wanted to be.  Dreams can come true.

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