Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ruffled Feathers

I grew up in northern mountains, where summer temperatures rarely reached ninety and the plentiful breezes were the only air conditioning that we needed.

I was nearly fifty, when I relocated to the South and I was totally clueless about air conditioning.  I’d never had or needed a home with central air.  My only AC experience was one window unit that got a few days use each summer.  In my car, a rolled down window provided all the cool air that I needed.  That changed after my move.  It only took a couple of swelteringly hot rides before I traded in my car for a new model with a good air conditioning system.  I still was pretty clueless about home systems.  I leased a condo for my first few years and the owner took care of maintenance.  All I did was set the thermostat.   That changed, when I purchased a home.  

At first, it seemed simple.  We changed the filters regularly and didn’t give it much more thought.  Than on a hot July morning, we woke up without AC.    Although the temperatures were over one-hundred degrees, we weren’t too worried.  We’d turn on the fans, call for service and soon everything would be cool again.  Right?  Wrong.  Really wrong.   The temperatures had taken their toll on lots of systems.  After numerous calls, we’d only been able to talk with an answering machine, which told us to leave our name and number.  Someone would call us back in the next one to two weeks.  Now we were worried.

We ended up purchasing a couple of window units and slept on air mattresses placed near the one in the living room.   The experience was a real wakeup call.    We certainly learned the value of establishing a service relationship and having regular checkups performed in the early spring.    If you haven’t had your system checked this year or need repairs, learn from our experience and contact a professional now.  Not sure who to call?  Visit for residential and commercial systems, maintenance and repair.

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