Saturday, April 20, 2013

Making An Entrance

There’s something about a gate that spurs my imagination and makes me long to find what lies beyond.

I think country gates have a special appeal for me, because they bring back memories of my childhood.  I loved the aged wood gates that creaked on rusty hinges to allow entrance into the wooded paths that led to my grandfather’s cow pastures.  Another with a simple wood lever rose to allow access to the rough road that wound up a hill past my grandmother’s gigantic vegetable garden and ended with rows of poultry barns at the top.  My favorite, however, was a simple gate that seemed to have no particular destination.  It opened on a hilly pasture that was empty of everything except large boulders and an abundant array of wildflowers.  I spent many a childhood afternoon on one of the largest boulders, sometimes reading, but often just daydreaming and drinking in the scent of the flowers.

I don’t see many of those gates today, but I still find gates intriguing.    It’s not important if driveway gates lead to a humble cottage or a sprawling mansion.  I was even thrilled by an auto shop that replaced our CV joints, simply because of its wide tubular metal entrance gate.  Gates beckon and I can’t resist their call.

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