Friday, April 5, 2013

Cat Alert?

Does he sense three cats watching him through the french doors?

 Maybe.  Or perhaps he’s shocked by the state of our lawn.  It’s really going to take some work this year.  Last summer, we hired someone to mow a few times, but that was the extent of our lawn care.  We had barely started to settle in from our July move, when it was time for my daughter to start school.  Her heavy course load left very little time for anything else and since she’ll be taking classes during both summer sessions this year, I doubt that will change.    Several bouts of heavy wind have caused damage to trees and the back lawn sports more bare patches than I care to admit.  No amount of mowing will make our grounds look good this year, if these things don’t get fixed up.  It’s time to call in some help.

We’ve been considering the services of  They offer plans that provide year round care for trees, shrubs and grass.    That’s important because great lawns and shrubs don’t emerge from once-a-year efforts.  Green LawnCare begins with an analysis of your grass and trees, and then provides the regular weeding, fertilization and insect control.  Hopefully, before the summer is over, we won’t be shocking the squirrels anymore! 

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