Monday, March 11, 2013

Silence Is Golden

This post brought to you by Vipre. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have to confess that I've always preferred the strong, silent type.

No, I'm not talking about guys, I'm talking about software.  That's especially true with internet security software.  I don't need dozens of little popup windows interuppting my work to tell me that my virus definitions have been updated.    Sure, I want to know when there has been a threat, but otherwise I'd like my security software to quietly do its job.  It doesn't seem like a lot to ask.  For a while I just tried to ignore them,  but as the popup windows doubled in size and escalated the frequency of their annoying appearances, I knew I needed to find a new security product.,

I was a bit nervous about downloading the free 30 day trial of VIPRE Internet Security and antivirus software. I use my computer a lot and I don't want any software installation to slow down my PC or cause problems that cost me a lot of computer time.   I didn't need to worry.  Vipre even offered to remove my old antivirus software.    The download didn't interfere with my work and the installation was almost pain free.  I did have one small glitch.  It was not caused by Vipre, but by a setting on my computer.  Vipre provided both an error message and a very clear solution that I was able to implement in less than a minute.  After that, it was smooth sailing.

Vipre displays some informational tips during the installation that are worth reading, but I was also able to continue my work as it completed the installation.

Post installation, I can say that Vipre is just what I was looking for.  It does it's job quietly and  the only message I received was about a malicious site that was blocked.  Scans run quietly without slowing down my computer. I can even schedule my scans using Vipre's easy interface.  The interface also provides a lot of information on history and quarantined files as well as letting me change the software settings.  It's simple and I choose when I want to do it.   That''s just what I was looking for.

You can download and try Vipre at no cost.   You should certainly give it a try, if you are unhappy with your current software.  Even if you're satisfied, you should visit   to learn more about this great product and see how it compares to other security software.  I'm guessing you'll want to try it too.
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