Friday, March 15, 2013

Signs Of Spring

Spring fever is in the air.

After early March produced a surprisingly snowy week for Tennessee residents, warmer temperatures have quickly regained their foothold.  That’s good, since our trees had already started to blossom with new leaves and the budding daffodils had been covered with a layer of snow.  They survived the frigid blast, but look happy to be swaying in the sunshine again.

Everyone greets spring differently.   We like to spend some time in the sun, enjoying nature’s spring display.  One neighbor spent the afternoon in the backyard with his golf clubs .  He needs the practice, because only a handful of balls made it into the net.  The lady, who lives next to him, spent the afternoon clearing broken branches and debris.  She occasionally stopped work, but only to cast disdainful glances at other neighborhood lawns.  In town, the college students are taking to the benches scattered around the campus and soaking up the sun while they study or hang out with friends.

My New England friends have yet to receive a winter reprieve.  A Massachusetts friend reported being snowed in.  A Vermont relative said she’d been perusing seed catalogs, since the thermometer was barely reaching twenty degrees.    A New Hampshire relative is still getting a bit of skiing in.  He hasn’t looked at seed catalogs, but he did confess that he’d started to do some online surfing for hybrid golf clubs.   In  a few months, he’ll be eagerly awaiting signs of snow, but I’d be happy to live with perpetual spring.   

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