Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shop G&L Clothing

What do you do to prepare for spring?  Prepare your garden?  Do spring cleaning?  Sit out and enjoy the sunshine?  There’s a lot of options, but don’t forget a warm weather wardrobe check.  Both my daughter and I have lost weight in the past months and we’re not complaining.  The clothes that fit perfectly last summer, however, are now baggy and unattractive.

We’ve been checking out G&L clothing.  They’ve been in business for almost one hundred years and now their clothing is available on line.  They carry many popular brands.  I’ve been checking out Dickies carpenter pants and my daughter wants new Levis jeans and Carhartt tanks to show off her new figure and some Timberland footwear for those cross-campus hikes.  She’s already been using rubber boots by LaCrosse to get through a rainy season that gets more than ankle deep during some of the worst downpours.

G&L offers everyday shipping for only $5 and orders over $100 are delivered free of charge.  With hassle-free returns and easy delivery tracking you can’t go wrong.  We recommend checking out their site.  Why not do it today.

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