Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In nature, a little mist adds a touch of intrigue.

For a small business internet marketing can seem a bit foggy too, but not nearly as intriguing.  It’s hard to see where you should be going and, particularly with SEO, it can be difficult to tell if your efforts are effective.    Cash flow is a problem for many small businesses and that may make them reluctant to seek the services of an online marketing company.   Unfortunately, that is frequently penny wise and pound foolish.  In many ways, it is similar to selling your home.

When my brother wanted to sell his home rapidly and above its current market value, he used the advice of experts to prepare and stage it for showing.  When it was ready, he spent a fair bit of cash for a full page Sunday newspaper advertisement. Did his home sell quickly?  Not only did he get exceptionally fast response, he also had several prospective buyers competing to purchase his home.  The sale price exceeded even his expectations.  Other neighbors, who had unsuccessfully tried to sell their home for months, begged to know how he did it.   They hadn't wanted to spend money on cosmetic improvements or advertising.   It showed in their lack of results.

Professional design and development is a must for websites that are serious about putting their best foot forward.  So are the services of internet marketing consultants, who have SEO expertise that can place a site at the top of search engine results.   People who are running a small business rarely have the time or expertise to deal with social media, branding, and traffic.  When you are wandering in the online marketing mist, it pays to call in the professionals.

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