Saturday, February 2, 2013


This pair doesn’t seem too happy. I can almost hear them saying “It’s a jungle out there.”

Speaking of jungles, have you ever tried to find a product or service on the web? How do you even begin to sort through a search that returns thousands or even millions of possibilities? I recently did a search for free website design and was rewarded with over 400 million links. Even a few pages of links can take a long time to check out. Some aren’t really free, just offering a free trial. Others offer free design, but have a very limited number of templates. Design quality can be an issue too. If I wanted amateur design, I’d design my own page.

I was delighted to find a great site, which has taken the work out of finding free website design tools that are easy to use and have a professional look. has done the research and provides a comprehensive listing of the best free web design sites along with links, ratings and reviews. I read through the reviews and checked out the ones that sounded best for me.  It was fast and easy.

Whether you want to create a personal website, spruce up your Facebook page or use a professional looking site to attract visitors to your business, can help you tame the internet jungle and find the best service for your needs.

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