Friday, February 22, 2013

Child's Play

The next time someone tells you that something is as easy as child’s play, remember this picture.  I can’t imagine doing that and heaven help the person who is trying to catch me!

When it comes to things I don’t find easy, assembling furniture is near the top of the list.   Even when I was younger and had steadier hands and better eyesight, it was a task that I tried to avoid.   After spending a weekend assembling a video cabinet, I swore I would never do it again.  To my credit, the cabinet looked great, but it was a huge investment of time and I acquired a bruised  thumb and cut  finger in the process of putting it together.  I willingly passed the torch to my daughter, when we purchased several pieces of “assembly required” furniture after our last move.  She was a trooper, but echoed my sentiments of “no more”, after putting the last piece together.

The other day, I found the Handybook Ikea Furniture Assembly site and knew I’d be using it the next time I’m tempted by a piece of Ikea furniture that requires assembly.    The site lets you find providers in your area, who will assemble your Ikea furniture.   Booking is quick, easy and clear.  Just enter your zip code, choose the piece(s) of furniture to be assembled and select the date and time for the assembly.   In a few seconds, you will see available service providers, along with information about them.   Just  select your provider and provide payment information.  You receive an upfront quote of the time and cost, so there will be no surprises after the assembly is completed. 

How easy is that?  So easy that you won’t have to find a child to help.  Booking Ikea assembly on Handybook is so easy that even an adult can do it!   

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